About Me


Hey, I’m Max. I’ll soon graduate with a mathematics degree from an American university. I reguarly attend Orthodox divine liturgy and follow the liturgical calendar for scripture readings.

I have a fair amount of experience with handiwork and boat repair which, along with my degree, I want to use to pay for rural property.

My Interests

Hardware I Use

As of 2023, I use a Thinkpad t400 as my main computer, which runs a free Libreboot bios and Artix GNU/Linux. I bought mine used on eBay for $60, reconditioned it with free software, and added a fully-encrypted 1TB SSD. I’ve used similar Thinkpad models over the past few years, but the t400 hits a sweet spot for me.

My desktop environment

My desktop environment

If you want something smaller and more powerful, I recommend the Thinkpad x220. It can also take a free Libreboot bios, though without being able to fully remove the Intel Management Engine like with the older t400. That said, I’ve had an x220 on the road with me for several years and it hasn’t failed me yet.

My Personal Library

This is a non-comprehensive list of the books I own hard copies of. I don’t necessarily like or recommend every book in this list (obviously), but I’ve done my best to pair it down to the books I find worthy of discussion. (School textbooks gtho.)

BF-BL: Philosophy, psychology, and mythology

BM-BX: Religion and Theology

C-H: History, geography, and the social sciences

J-K: Political theory and law

PA: Greek and Latin literature

PE: English language

PG: Slavic literature

PN: General literature

PQ: Romance language literature

PR: English literature

PS: American literature

PT: German literature

Books as of yet unsorted