Way back in the day everyone online had their own webpages where they would link to things they found interesting. Today the extreme curation of the internet by social media and search engines makes it difficult to interact with and discover new ideas and people.

This is a digital garden of cool stuff I’ve found. Please notify me of errors and dead links at An interactive discovery page is available here.

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Believe it or not these goofy 88x31 pictures are making a comeback.


St. Gregory the Theologian Local Greek Orthodox church.
St. Demetrios Another Greek Orthodox church in my area.
Minuteman Repeater Amateur radio, repeaters, and emergency comms.


Cole Trainor Jeeps, the outdoors, and frogs.
Abbot Tryphon Abbot of All-Merciful Savior Monastery. [RSS]
Tom Fasano Runs the Heaven Tree webring, ex podcast host. [RSS]
Luke Smith Linguist, crypto enthusiast, tech independence, GNU/Linux. [RSS]
Ray Patrick Space Force, satellite imagery, radio communication. [RSS]
Michael Carney Horse supremacist, neo-luddite, minimal computing. [RSS]


Weather Radar Viewer Get the most recent NOAA doppler radar for your region.
Command line weather Curl your local forecast, moonphase, sun-times, &c.
UnstoppableSwap Bitcoin/Monero Atomic Swaps


Orthodox Christian Parishes Find an Orthodox church near you.
Orthodox Christian Stores A list of online Orthodox stores.
Orthodox Information Center Anti-ecumenical Orthodox resource.
OrthodoxWiki The OrthodoxWiki.
Akathists A repository of Orthodox Akathists.